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All molds are made in a pressure pot. All resin crystals are casted in a pressure pot. I accept orders for food grade molds. 



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Food grade molds for bakers and chefs. You may request a special 

order if you do not see the food grade mold you are looking for.

I do not keep them on hand what I have I list. 

Please dont be afraid to ask questions.

Payment is expected at time or order.

Coasters: I have allot of sets that are not listed yet.

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About Le Kranch Creations

Artist Crafter Creator

Denise Lee

  • Practice PPE Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter.

  • Many company's will tell you it is safe or FDA approved. What they are not saying is what happens when you add pigments and heat. None of what they tell you really applies to resin artist. Once we add the pigments and the heat we are in harms ways. we must protect ourselves. some of us are more sensative them others and some of us over time can become allergic.And some of us are to stubborn to head the warnings and not think how the unseen  and un-smelled fumes enter our eyes and enter the pours of our skin. Enter our lungs when we breath. Our liver and organs catch all of this and we never rid ourselves of these carcinogens and over time we can become very ill. Epoxy resin art is a deadly cocktail. Please take the extra steps to protect yourselves and your family and your pets. They all need you to stay healthy and alive and well. 
  • When sanding epoxy or resin you must wear a respirator even if your doing it outside. Sanding it is more deadly then using it as a liquid form. If you can try to wet sand to keep the dust down but still use a respirator. Be safe!! Here is everything you need to know about properly using resin

Prince Charlie

Prince Charlie

  •    Once upon a time I did not practice proper safety. I did this for about 4 months in my home in my kitchen. Until one day I was guided to a group on Facebook called "Epoxy is not your friend" When I saw the horrifying pictures of the woman who have been burned with chemical burns , bleeding lungs and noses and relentless headaches. 
  •     Not to mention the awful rashes and blistering on the skin. And the pets who have lost hair blood shot eyes and many other issues. I knew what was happening to my eyes and face was chemical burns. I had bloody nose and dry skin patches and swollen eyes and blood shot red eyes and they were hurting and drying. I also saw what was happening to my little dog who would be very close to me at my feet while I did my art. pets loose hair get bald patches, skin rashes, blood shot eyes, get lethargic. Have breathing issues. lack of appetite.
  •       I had to learn to protect myself and my dog and my family. I took a break for  a few months and healed up and then I suited up! I moved my area from my kitchen in my home to a back basement closed off from the house area where my hubby built me a exhaust system.
  •   I now wear a hazmat suit to protect all my skin and clothing. you will drag this residue with you once you leave the area. pets and children can walk through it on the floors and sit in on the chairs if your doing it in your home it will lay on every single surface. You will never see this toxic  residue. I also wear a respirator and googles and nitrile gloves. My dog is not allowed anywhere near me or my area I create my art work with epoxy resin. I love my little buddy xo I am trying to bring awareness to those who love their families and pets. For those who never protect them selves and think there in no danger, Think again your organs are absorbing the toxins and they never leave the body and build until something happens. You do realize your liver is a filter of everything we eat drink and breathe. Do your research and live long for your loved ones. Rock On!